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Top Vacation Spots in the US

Vacation spots in US

America is a favourite vacation spot for people across the world.  In everybody’s wishlist America proudly makes a name. Well, that is perfect with the actual offering that America presents to the visitors in the form of a total enjoyment zone from the wonders of the Disney land to the adrenaline raising mountaineering. And from the historical places of interest to the Hollywood headquarters. This certainly has American tourism statistics indicating a multiplying growth in the incoming tourists every year. Here are a few destinations in America that can offer you unending entertainment and can take you to a new high.

LAS VEGAS- Las Vegas is regarded as the biggest tourist attraction and tops the list of the best vacation spots in the world. This is a city that never sleeps. Las Vegas has an amazing nightlife that is where the world is during their vacations. The rich casino games, gambling opportunities, crazy parties, wild dancing is here. Las Vegas is where you ought to be too.
CALIFORNIA- California is a hottest winter vacation spot for tourists as the life here is worth experiencing. The beaches and the splendid sunshine make it a perfect holidaying destination. The beautiful galleries and historical interest places help tourists to make hay while the sun shines. The casinos of Las Vegas and the splendid offerings of San Diego are second to no other place as winter vacation spots. The central valley and the 12 regions of California promise a refreshing retreat. Los Angeles also charms the visitors with the superb Hollywood destination, celebrity feel, buzzing nightlife and the unending happen.
GEORGIA- Georgia successfully makes the list for the winter vacation destination. Winters are scenic and the culture is more than awesome. The traditional musical chants and the vibrating life make the vacation a utopian experience. There are rich natural theme parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and adventure sports, and amazing cuisines here. If it is a winter vacation destination you are hunting for, it has to be Georgia.
ARIZONA-  Arizona is well known for its beauty, allure and charm. The   picturesque landscapes and nature make Arizona a tourist favourite. Every year, Arizona receives nearly 3-5 million tourists from world over. The holiday resorts, romantic climate, festivity and gorgeous valleys make tourists throng to Arizona. It is growing as a relaxation destination with luxury resorts, spas and other services.
TEXAS- Texas is bestowed with rich festivity and culture. Texas is a happening spot for tourists and has some famous festivals and occasions. People from different countries come and witness special events here as it is a true attraction. People also have a great time shopping, travelling and enjoying in texas.
FLORIDA- Florida has a life that is never seen before. Tourists in Florida have been increasing by the years. The unique and fascinating charm present in Florida is probably the chief driving factor for tourists. The beaches of Florida like the Miami Beach and others near the gulf-coast area have an unparallel beach life that magnetizes tourists from the globe. Florida also has its name amongst the biggest probable’ for winter vacations with the key Biscayne here. Fort Lauderdale is a place of historic interest showing the versatility of Florida as a vacation spot. You can also enjoy the food and the natural beauty here.

US or the United States is truly a dream destination. It is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. The land is an attractive tourist destination due to the diversity that it offers. This diversity is what makes it an absolute delight to visit the country. In fact, one visit to the vacation spots in the US would just not suffice and you would soon be going back to explore the numerous other vacation spots in America. Some of the popular vacation spots in USA are:

Texas: Texas is a beautiful land located in the southern part of the United States. It is an important vacation spot in United States. Texas offers a number of tourist attractions and lovely restaurants that serve absolutely mouthwatering cuisine. The vacation spots in Texas are truly beautiful ranging from beautiful architectural structures, shopping centers, lovely aquariums to the Sixth floor museum and the space center.

Las Vegas: Las Vegas is also known as “Sin City”. With elaborate luxurious casinos, Las Vegas is a true gambler’s delight. Unlike the misconception, Las Vegas is however, not about casinos alone. There are several wonderful tourist attractions that would make a holiday here an absolutely wonderful experience.

Miami: Miami located in the southeastern part of Florida is yet another lovely vacation spot in US. With spectacular natural beauty, opportunities for adventurous water sports activities like kayaking, scuba diving and the like; a happening nightlife, mouthwatering cuisine and accommodation to suit all pockets, Miami is a spectacular destination that features among the top tourist destinations of the world.

California: California the picturesque land situated on the Pacific coast of North America has several lovely vacation spots that make it a great tourist destination. From Disneyland, San Francisco to Hollywood the variety that California offers is truly amazing. California has all that you would look for in a perfect holiday.

Hawaii: Hawaii the island nation is the perfect place to just let your hair down and enjoy a great vacation amidst nature. With wonderful music, lovely beaches, food that is truly a treat to the senses, Hawaii is undoubtedly a great holiday destination of the US and the world.

US tourist attractions are like a treasure house waiting to be explored. Coupled with natural beauty and the best of man made creations the land is just the place for a lovely holiday.

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