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Top 10 Vaccation Spots

Well, where are you headed for, this season? Hmm are probably not decided? Well, not to worry. Now, if you wish to life-up your vacation and boost your spirits to a new high, get into the boat as we look at these 10 top vacation destinations.

• Hawaii- Hawaii is the hottest destination for your vacations. Hawaii remains unbeaten at the top for its extreme ambience, fantabulous beaches, and adrenaline raising water-sports, luxury hotels & suitable climate and is located in the lap of nature.

• Las Vegas- Las Vegas is all about entertainment. With its Casinos for gambling, adult entertainment services, 24x7 merriment, budget hotels and restaurants, multiplexes and shopping streets Las Vegas offers something for everyone here.
• Mexico- Mexico is a land that never stands still. This is why Mexico fascinates tourists from the circumference of the world. With the amazing and unending life here Mexico is to the tourists what moths are to a flame. The vast beaches, the music of the gushing waters, historical places of interest, vibrant night life and the bountiful natural landscapes, wildlife, theme parks and valleys are the most refreshing holiday gifts to the tourists.
• Florida- The beaches of Florida make news with the tourists. The carnival atmosphere, historical interests, beautiful sunrise and sunset, a fantastic weather and a terrific honeymoon destination collectively make Florida a vacation hotspot.
• Los Angeles- Los Angeles remains the most beautiful vacation destination throughout the year. The movie and television centre of the world is here to make everybody feel like a celebrity. The wonderful cuisines, tourist destination, beautiful resorts, Hollywood heights and the buzzing nightlife are here to stay.
• New York City- New York is regarded as the big apple of the world. It is a city that knows no sleep. A superb shopping hub, hot and happening nightlife, the Liberty statue, the Ellis Island and other hot places of interest make Mew York a vacation must-see.
• Haute Route (Swiss Alps)- If you are looking for an adrenaline raising experience the Swiss Alps are the place to be. You can expect some snowboarding and some trekking here. Switzerland, as a winter hotspot presents a graceful scene has some of the largest mountains in the whole of Europe. 
• Utah- Utah has figured out amongst the top vacation spots in America though it’s not quite popular as a name. It is a beautiful winter destination with the Christmas atmosphere throughout the year. Film festivals, premiers, skiing and winter sports make Utah the favoured winter hotspots for tourists.
• Thailand- Thailand is regarded as a biggest attraction for tourists with the genuine bonhomie of the people here. The traditional structures, religion, culture and the bountiful hospitality are Thailand’s best offerings. Besides this Thailand is a favourite shopping hub with an exotic sensation. It is famous for the spa, health and relaxation resorts prevalent in the country. The beautiful sunshine and the gentle seas mesmerize the visitors from far and wide.
• France- France is a new crush this season that makes it to the top 10 vacation spots for popular tourism. The buzzing French way of life is what the tourists are amazed about. The beautiful attractions here including the culture and the architectural individuality allure tourists the most.

After having worked vary hard for quite a few months now, a vacation what you look forward to so that you could just relax and unwind. The top 10 vacation spots in the world that provide just the ambience that you need to have a great holiday are:
• Las Vegas: Las Vegas, popularly known as the Gambler’s delight is a place to enjoy a fun filled holiday away from the pressures of daily life. Las Vegas is however, not about gambling alone and you could enjoy a lovely vacation with the entire family here at this lovely destination. With entertainment, several opportunities for the hard core shoppers and wonderful sight seeing opportunities Las Vegas has it all.
• Mexico: Mexico offers you the opportunity of a great vacation with major tourists attractions, picturesque landscapes, mouth watering cuisine and accommodation of all types to suit your tastes and budget.
• Kerala (India):  Kerala is home to picturesque landscapes, the lovely backwaters, beautiful hill stations, golden sandy beaches and is truly “God’s Own Country”. A holiday that you would cherish for a life time awaits you in this scenic southern state of India.
• Hawaii: Hawaii or Aloha land is just the place for fun and merry making. The warm and friendly people would make you feel at home in no time at all. Beautiful beaches, fun filled activities, entertainment and mouth watering cuisine and accommodation to suit the needs of the individual traveler, what more could you ask for in a perfect vacation.
• Los Angeles: Los Angeles in California is a wonderful place for a great vacation if you have been looking forward to being in Hollywood and enjoying the charms of a fun filled fast city where the city never sleeps. You would find cuisine of all kinds to suit your palate.
• New York: New York has been and continues to be a dream destination for most of us. New York with its huge skyscrapers, the Empire State building, the Statue of Liberty, the Broadway theatre to name a few has a charm that is truly irresistible.
• The Caribbean islands: The Caribbean islands are known for their vibrant culture and spirit. A truly wonderful destination whether you are looking forward to a holiday with the entire family or planning your honeymoon.
 Thailand: Thailand the land of extremely friendly people and hospitality that truly heart warming. With beaches, health spas and lovely picturesque locations, Thailand is a wonderful destination for a memorable vacation. 
• France: France the land that is known for its lovely fragrances and mouth watering cuisine, French wine and architectural delights like the Eiffel Tower is a great place for a wonderful vacation.

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