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London Tourist Attractions

London Vacation Spots, London Tourist Attractions, London Top Holiday Spots

London vacation spots

London is a boon for all the travellers who have come to Europe. The beautiful life here in London offers bounty. Nobody is left out here. From the gorgeous attractions to the buzzing nightlife and the adult entertainment to the world-class culture, London is a boon for tourists here. Besides this, the hospitable people and the luxury offerings make London an unsurpassable tourist destination. Here are London’s must-visits.

London Eye - The British airways London eye is the biggest tourist attraction. The panoramic view of the city from this height is a visual feast for the tourists here. The wheel offers beautiful capsules that are observation points for the travellers. The wheel revolves slowly and is associated with big names and feats like David Blains, marriages on capsules and many more interesting things. The capsules are located over the River Thames and have a huge line of takers on every single day. Various movies are filmed here as well.
Westminster Abbey - Westminster Abbey has gothic feeling with various carvings of marriages and death funerals of famous Brits. This place is associated with the famous names in history like Charles dickens and Tennyson. In fact the burial of various poets, writers and historical personalities was done here. It is a landmark place in London and offers a remainder of wars and battles.
 Tower of London - The tower of land is the biggest attraction for many tourists. The tower is over 9 centuries old and was built for the king and queen. William, the conqueror is the man behind this great creation. This tower is historically important as it helped the ancient London people during wartimes and housed the biggest names of the world.
Globe Theatre - William Shakespeare built this theatre in 1598. This is a cylindrical construction with a thatched roof and a good seating capacity. This theatre has certain historical and literary interests. This theatre was put down, burnt and remade. There are various events that take place here till date. Exhibitions are the best time to take a look at the theatre for common tourists. There are various manuscripts on display with tourists guides. Tickets are easily available for this purpose.
British Museum -This museum stands tall today, as London’s greatest allure for cultural interests. There are various artworks and other attractions inside that the museum boasts of. The court where the museum is located is wide and open. There is an amazing collection of history in these galleries and the collections reflect global and cultural ties. This museum brings to life the ancient kings, queens and empires. The wealth of the empire is a thing to boast of. It also has world-class collections of Egyptians, Greek, Japanese and other lands.
Buckingham Palace - This palace is usually open in august and September. This is the factor that draws people here to have a peep and explore the unexplored. You can get to take a glimpse of the wealthy interiors though you may not get a
Direct entry into the kings and queens quarters. The change of guard ceremony takes place here and you can manage a glimpse into it if you happen tp reach there on time. 
Some other places include the national gallery, the science museum and the Tate modern. A cruise across the Thames is a must-do.

London, the city that is visited by millions of tourists all year round has a peculiar charm that makes it a major tourist attraction in the world. London has a lot connected with the British monarchy and its architectural style and tourist attractions speak volumes of its rich glorious past.

There are several tourist spots here that truly are worth a visit. Some of the popular tourist attractions include the Tower of London, The Westminster Abbey, The beautiful tower bridge, The British Museum and of course the famous lovely Buckingham Palace.

The Tower of London is a major attraction here and a visit to London is just not complete without visiting the Tower of London and also the Buckingham Palace – the home of the British monarchy. The Tower of London is home to the Crown Jewels and also houses a prison which was of prime importance in London’s historical past. The famous Tower Bridge of London is another attraction of London. You could even take a walk(in the pedestrians area) and enjoy an amazing view of the London city here at the Tower Bridge. The Westminster Abbey is an architectural marvel and has been witness to several coronations and funerals of the British monarchy.

The London eye a theme park is a wonderful fun filled experience no matter what your age is. For those interested in art and history, the British Museum and the National Gallery are the place to be. Here you would find works of art from all over the world. Entry to the National art gallery is completely free and a visit here is sure to take you back in past to the glorious bygone eras.

Some of the other tourist attractions here include the Houses of Parliament, Shakespeare’s Global theatre. St. Paul’s Cathedral, Sir John Soane’s Museum to name a few. The Trafalgar Square is a structure that pays homage to the great maritime heroes who have laid down their lives for the honor of their country. The Trafalgar Square houses a statue of Lord Nelson that stands tall at 145 feet.

London vacations spots have a lot to offer. A lovely holiday spot it is a place you would fall in love with at the very first sight.

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