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Bahamas Tourist Attractions

Bahamas Vacation Spots

Bahamas is a must-visit tourist spot in the United States of America. Bahamas has an incredible list of airports that sums up to 62.  Bahamas is definitely a promising paradise for vacationers. Bahamas is a vacation destination for everyone. From shopping avenues to golf courses tourists have varied facilities to entertain themselves and make their vacation a positive experience. Therefore Bahamas has been a big draw for tourists. This is located near to Cuba that is an hour away by air. Cuba is another magnificent offering for tourists. The sensual pleasantness of Cuba is a thing to reckon with.

Bahamas presents plenty of opportunities to manage your vacations and boost your enjoyment. Bahamas is a land where you can stumble upon dolphins by diving into the sea. There are endless opportunities here to encounter wild dolphins. You have a facility of swimming with them offered exclusively here. You can be pretty sure of having a vacation of a lifetime. There are other places like Freeport and Nassau where you can get an opportunity to feed sharks. Well, you can also swim with them here. Walker’s cay is a destination for everyone looking to get the shark experience and make a connection.

The ABACO National Park is a picturesque natural park with an abundant natural beauty. This park is a home to the exotic Bahamas parrot that is a treat to watch. You can enjoy hiking here and sit here the whole daylong. INGAUA National Park is another park that is a bird watchers much-loved destination. This is located in the western hemisphere and has some of the best flamingo collection. This park has a special salt-water pond that lures birds from far and wide. This presents an opportunity to observe birds of different varieties.

If you wish to witness village side picturesque homes and wooden highlighted houses, a trip to Loyalist villages is a must do. The traditional feel of these houses is bound to offer you a beautiful sight. Infact you may get a feel of a collection of antique houses in a museum.
Rather than moving from one island to other by roads, the mail boat travel experience is the Bahamas specialty. This experience can really make you feel lucky and romantic. Harbour Island is another gem of a vacation hotspot. Briland is a nearby place that is high on nightlife and beaches.

There are plenty of vacation resorts available here. If you are here for luxury experience, dining is the most luxurious experience here.

Bahamas is an English speaking nation situated in the Atlantic Ocean. Bahamas was inhabited with people from Hispaniola and Cuba around 7th century and they came to be known as the Lucayans. Christopher Columbus arrived in the southern part of Bahamas during his sea expedition and came in contact with the locals. The locals were later taken as slaves to Hispaniola and within a span of 20 years the Lucayans ceased to exist. The Bahamas was later occupied by the English and was declared a British colony around 1717. In 1973, Bahamas got its independence.

The Bahamas has become a major tourist attraction over the years. The main airports in Bahamas are Freeport and Nassau. People could fly in to the place or visitors from USA could even sail to the Bahamas. There are trips to the different islands both by air as well as ships. The Bahamas has 62 airports in all which makes flying to Bahamas the best option.

Getting around Bahamas is possible by way of taxis and buses. Rental cars are also easily available on the bigger islands. One could even hire a bike to go around the island. The climate of this place is moderate, the temperature in the summers going up to about 32 degree Celsius and in the winters it wouldn’t fall below 21 degree Celsius making it an ideal tourist destination year round.

The Bahamas is a little expensive as far as dining is concerned. Some of the local food such as the conch, peas and rice and grouper are moderately priced as it is easily available. Since the Bahamas is frequented by people from all over now international cuisine has also started making its way through alongside the local cuisine. Seafood is a staple diet here and the Bahamian lobster is the favorite of most.

Accommodation is not much of a problem here. You can find inexpensive cottages, guest houses and also resorts catering to the different budgets of the travelers. There are also rental properties available for travelers who wish to stay for a longer period. It is essential to book these places in advance as during the peak tourist season as it is a tad bit tough to find suitable accommodation then.

The Bahamas vacation spots have a lot to offer to people with varied interests. It has some good casinos for the gambling lovers. But the citizens are not permitted to gamble as it is illegal for them to do so. The beaches are another big attraction for the visitors. It is an absolute picturesque delight. Bahamas also has some wonderful golf courses. It is known for its festivals, shopping, beautiful waters for diving, snorkeling and fishing. So go ahead and plan your next vacation to the Bahamas and you would soon be planning to go there again.

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